Monday, February 14, 2011


A toxin that makes people blind
One which can play with your mind
Gets into the body of the victim
Not from fangs
Not from needle
Not from bite
Not from sting

Venom so potent, there is no doubt
God forgot to create antidote
Threat lies there somewhere around
Sometimes identified by a familiar sound
Not from leaves of the tree
Not from laboratory
Not from chimneys of factories
Not from radioactivity

No one is immune
Everyone will be consumed
None can be vaccinated
You will be infected, till your souls are liberated
Not from worms
Not from insects
Not from bacteria
Not from virus

Millions have died
Generations carry scars
Cause of all fights
Cause of all wars
Venom in words that people speak
Venom in greed and jealousy
Venom in rage, anger and fear
 Venom in smiles of near and dear

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