Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who Killed My Innocence

Who killed the innocence
Who killed it anyway
I was not born like this
from the first day

Was happy with a penny
which bought me a choclate
Now I never get  satisfied
whatever I may have, I continue to regret

Never knew what was
Greed, hate and Jeolousy
Now it just flows within
every drop of blood in me

Did time kill my innocence
or was it killed by friends
No, I myself killed it long back
For my own convenience

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Facebook Song


Isolated from everyone
I was just a happy person
So content with being alone
I was not jealous of anyone

There were only few friends
whom I closely knew
There were even more 
Whom I never talked to

Got into Facebook & social networking
Found out what all my lost friends were doing
I suddenly started missing the fun 
Which only they were having

People who looked pretty and happy
Who boasted in their walls of glory
What ever I was part of
Suddenly looked like one dull story

The saint inside me was long gone
Jealousy had just begun
I never thought I had it too
But I am also human, so its true

Making a friend was just so easy
I added 100ds of them with just a click
Now I am a man with lot of friends
Only thing that's missing is friendship

Facebook did change me a lot
I did remember people whom I had forgot
Whom I used to meet face to face
Are now part of just a webpage

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Wait

The Wait

The wait seems so long
The wait seems so long
though nothing has happened
 the hope still remains strong

Seconds slowly tick to make an hour
The time in slow motion needs fast forward
I wish I had that power
to make it move faster

 In a wait to find out what will happen
sometimes curious and sometimes afraid of the outcome
deep inside me, I heard whispers
failure is way behind and I am destined for Success

Sonnet Of Sadness

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Misunderstood !

I am from a different universe
I don't belong here
I am much like an alien
Whom people fear

My thoughts lie in a different dimension
of which people are unaware
What they consider as stupidity now
Might be the knowledge later considered rare

Too less is known about me
much of it is about what others see
every thing is based on perception
one analysing other based on someone else’s suggestion
I don't care, coz, even, Monkeys laughed at the first tailless man
Now we call it Evolution

I know they call me dumb and find my actions bizarre
I can't help, closing my eyes, won't stop the strange stare
When I smile at them, they laugh at what I do
I don't care coz I have no point to prove
I know, that I am always misunderstood

Thursday, November 4, 2010



I am no one
and no one knows who I am
Obscurity has been my identity
throughout my life span

I studied with you in the school
We graduated from the same college
I was one among the spectators who clapped
when you sung and danced on the stage

Was always there somewhere around you
but you never saw me
It felt as if I was invisible
& light passed straight through me

Throughout history there are billions like me
Who were just ignored and were not seen by anybody
I am one such feeble voice
Who is daring to speak.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wake Up

Wake Up!!!!

Drooping shoulders, drowsy eyes
Working as if hypnotised
Always being supervised
Wakeup!!!.. take control of your life

Mind filled with thoughts, but no plan
Lazyness is your clan
No decisions being made, Everything just delayed
Wakeup!!!.. its time to decide

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Out of My Life

Out of My Life

Out of my life
No where to be found
There was a time
when you were all around

You were so near, so close
I never realised it
searched for you in the places
where you never existed

Out of my life
Way beyond my reach
Now you are just a part of
Dreamz and Memories

Life seems so dull and poor
Without you
Please, come back to me
and end my pursuit

Come back to my life
I am waiting for you
Bring back the rain
Let blue roses bloom

NB's point of view: In the above song the word “you” can have multiple meanings. But mainly it refers to the happiness the person has lost. The last line “blue roses bloom” in way mentions of his wish for the impossible. Happiness lost is being referred to “The blue rose” which symbolizes the unattainable or impossible.

Depending on the mood of the reader  word “you” can also partly refer to a person who no more part of life or any invaluable thing which has been lost.