Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wake Up

Wake Up!!!!

Drooping shoulders, drowsy eyes
Working as if hypnotised
Always being supervised
Wakeup!!!.. take control of your life

Mind filled with thoughts, but no plan
Lazyness is your clan
No decisions being made, Everything just delayed
Wakeup!!!.. its time to decide

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Out of My Life

Out of My Life

Out of my life
No where to be found
There was a time
when you were all around

You were so near, so close
I never realised it
searched for you in the places
where you never existed

Out of my life
Way beyond my reach
Now you are just a part of
Dreamz and Memories

Life seems so dull and poor
Without you
Please, come back to me
and end my pursuit

Come back to my life
I am waiting for you
Bring back the rain
Let blue roses bloom

NB's point of view: In the above song the word “you” can have multiple meanings. But mainly it refers to the happiness the person has lost. The last line “blue roses bloom” in way mentions of his wish for the impossible. Happiness lost is being referred to “The blue rose” which symbolizes the unattainable or impossible.

Depending on the mood of the reader  word “you” can also partly refer to a person who no more part of life or any invaluable thing which has been lost.