Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who Killed My Innocence

Who killed the innocence
Who killed it anyway
I was not born like this
from the first day

Was happy with a penny
which bought me a choclate
Now I never get  satisfied
whatever I may have, I continue to regret

Never knew what was
Greed, hate and Jeolousy
Now it just flows within
every drop of blood in me

Did time kill my innocence
or was it killed by friends
No, I myself killed it long back
For my own convenience

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Facebook Song


Isolated from everyone
I was just a happy person
So content with being alone
I was not jealous of anyone

There were only few friends
whom I closely knew
There were even more 
Whom I never talked to

Got into Facebook & social networking
Found out what all my lost friends were doing
I suddenly started missing the fun 
Which only they were having

People who looked pretty and happy
Who boasted in their walls of glory
What ever I was part of
Suddenly looked like one dull story

The saint inside me was long gone
Jealousy had just begun
I never thought I had it too
But I am also human, so its true

Making a friend was just so easy
I added 100ds of them with just a click
Now I am a man with lot of friends
Only thing that's missing is friendship

Facebook did change me a lot
I did remember people whom I had forgot
Whom I used to meet face to face
Are now part of just a webpage