Thursday, March 31, 2011

Immortal pain

 A feeling inside you
That never dies
No matter how you try to kill it
It comes back to life
It comes back to life
To haunt you again
It haunts you and hurts you
With an immortal pain
Dark memories of the past
Which you try to erase
Just to find in the end
That it has resurfaced
A prick from the past
Which cuts you like a knife
You won't bleed, but you feel
Death is better than life
What's the joy in winning?
When you never wish to gain
When you have been gifted
With an immortal pain

Song of Hope

There was an end
Now I see a beginning
I  have opened my eyes
&  I can see the sun rising
The cloud  of confusion
Is moving away
The light is here
And it is here to stay
Though not rain,  there is drizzle
In my barren land of ambition
There is no picture, but I do have color
I  will paint my vision