Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Facebook Song


Isolated from everyone
I was just a happy person
So content with being alone
I was not jealous of anyone

There were only few friends
whom I closely knew
There were even more 
Whom I never talked to

Got into Facebook & social networking
Found out what all my lost friends were doing
I suddenly started missing the fun 
Which only they were having

People who looked pretty and happy
Who boasted in their walls of glory
What ever I was part of
Suddenly looked like one dull story

The saint inside me was long gone
Jealousy had just begun
I never thought I had it too
But I am also human, so its true

Making a friend was just so easy
I added 100ds of them with just a click
Now I am a man with lot of friends
Only thing that's missing is friendship

Facebook did change me a lot
I did remember people whom I had forgot
Whom I used to meet face to face
Are now part of just a webpage


Anonymous said...

cool chiru :)

Amit said...

Cool & true!

prashanth kulkarni said...

Very nicely written...