Saturday, November 6, 2010


Misunderstood !

I am from a different universe
I don't belong here
I am much like an alien
Whom people fear

My thoughts lie in a different dimension
of which people are unaware
What they consider as stupidity now
Might be the knowledge later considered rare

Too less is known about me
much of it is about what others see
every thing is based on perception
one analysing other based on someone else’s suggestion
I don't care, coz, even, Monkeys laughed at the first tailless man
Now we call it Evolution

I know they call me dumb and find my actions bizarre
I can't help, closing my eyes, won't stop the strange stare
When I smile at them, they laugh at what I do
I don't care coz I have no point to prove
I know, that I am always misunderstood


Rajesh said...

Nice one Chiru!!!!!

--YA-- said...

Well Well.. I liked the mood and tone of this one.. good work dude.

A general comment - I like the picture that you put with each post. Do you create them or take them from net? Even if these are from net, these are quite apt to the theme and mood of the song.

Anonymous said...

True..seen a few such rare ppl :)