Thursday, November 4, 2010



I am no one
and no one knows who I am
Obscurity has been my identity
throughout my life span

I studied with you in the school
We graduated from the same college
I was one among the spectators who clapped
when you sung and danced on the stage

Was always there somewhere around you
but you never saw me
It felt as if I was invisible
& light passed straight through me

Throughout history there are billions like me
Who were just ignored and were not seen by anybody
I am one such feeble voice
Who is daring to speak.


--YA-- said...

I have observed, that the actor of almost all ur posts is unhappy, he is lonely or Ignored or anguished.. He looks as if he wants to change the things around him... All of them are nicely written but do post if you have written something more positive and cheerful...

Anonymous said...

Gud one... I think many can relate to this one ...